Who Dieth Thus Dies Well

Text: St. John Passion; LSB 450:7
Date: Good Friday + 4/22/11
Lutheran Church of the Incarnate Word, Rochester Hills, MI

Once again to presume to say something more important, more powerful, more persuasive than God’s own inspired scriptural Word is unbelief. Throughout my years I have, therefore, simply not preached, not included a sermon on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday. Was such a practice a lazy cheapening and waste of parishioners’ patience and time, or did it demonstrate a bold faith in the Word of God?

To quote our hymn, “What language shall I borrow”? For it seems even human language fails to understand, to describe, to believe, to give thanks for our Lord’s sacrificial offering—the grief and shame, the scorn, the thorns, despised and gory; pale, with sore abuse and scorn, grim death.

Yet this One, this Lamb of God, the Son of God carries our sin, my sin and pays the ultimate, the atoning price for my forgiveness. Remember this. Remember this always and especially when it is your turn…your turn to die. He is your consolation and shield. His passion gives redemption when your last hour draws nigh. In such a vision of His cross and faith it can be said, “Who dieth thus dies well.”