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Easy Does It

Text: Mark 10:23-31
Date: Pentecost XXII Proper 24 + 10/21/18

15 – 23 – 53 – 65 – 70 – Mega Ball 7. Mega Millions jackpot explodes to record $1.6 billion after no winner in latest drawing. Believe it or not I’ve never bought a lottery ticket. I would imagine however that the higher the jackpot the more tickets are sold. The subject is money. Money itself is not the problem. The Bible says it is the love of money that is a root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10). When there is a problem we say, “Follow the money.” Continue reading Easy Does It

God’s Chosen Family

Text: Mark 10:2-16
Date: Pentecost XX Proper 22 + 10/7/18

This is apparently a week for character assassination, false accusations and “guilty until proved innocent.” It wasn’t with any interest in fairness that the Pharisees were looking for evidence that Jesus was an OK guy. They came with a question “in order to test him.” It seemed like a harmless but sensitive test. “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” They were sure they had the perfect question to catch Jesus. Continue reading God’s Chosen Family

God’s Chosen Team

[No Audio]

Text: Mark 9:38-50
Date: Pentecost 19 Proper 21 + 9/30/18

I assume you’ve heard the old joke about a Christian who died and upon arrival it heaven St. Peter gave him a tour. First they pass by a beautiful sanctuary from which come chanting and the pleasant aroma of incense. “These are the Episcopalians” Peter says. Next they came to a more plain room where people are holding hands and washing each other’s feet. “These are the Mennonites” says Peter. Then they pass by a river with people dancing in the water. “Here are the Baptists” he says. Finally, they come to a little white church with a simple bell tower. They can hear a German chorale as Peter puts his finger to his mouth and says, “Shhh… Be very quiet here.” After silently tip toeing past the building the new resident asks what that was all about. “Those are the Missouri Synod Lutherans” he replied, “They think they are the only ones here!” Continue reading God’s Chosen Team

Afraid of Love?

Text: Mark 9:30-37
Date: Pentecost XVIII Proper 20b + 9/23/18

The time was coming. As it got closer Jesus was busy preparing the Twelve apostles for what He knew would be the hardest lesson, namely, that His horrific death on the cross, though it would look like defeat would be the display of God’s greatest love. That preparation was in plain words: “The Son of man is being delivered into the hands of men, and they shall kill him; and having been killed, after three days he shall rise again.” This must have sounded like some parable to them, a story to teach them some deep proof. But it was no story, no poetic parable. It was the truth, the raw and real truth. We’re sure they really didn’t believe that! For if you don’t believe in Jesus’ innocent and bloody death how can you believe in a real resurrection from the dead? Mark tells us straight out, “But they did not understand the saying, and were afraid to ask him.” Continue reading Afraid of Love?

Frenzy Calmed

Text: Mark 9:14-29
Date: Pentecost XVII + 9/16/18

Have you ever seen a miracle? God reaching His hand right in front of your face performing something that cannot be explained in any other way? Have you ever explained away a miracle? Missed some amazing intervention by God only because of the distractions and diversions of the details of daily life? Today’s Gospel is a little lesson about faith, what it is and what it is not. Continue reading Frenzy Calmed