No Gospel

I could have titled this note “No Gospel?” (question mark), or “No Gospel!” (exclamation point), or, to be more post-modern, “No Gospel ?!) (question mark / exclamation point – otherwise known in times past as an “interropang”).

No Gospel? Where? When? Why?

Is not that what we are to be all about? Yes. But the fact is that we – I – many – are hearing so-called sermons all around synod congregations that are not about the Gospel, but about all sorts of other “interesting” things, but not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you do not know what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is, then you will argue with me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not being preached in many of our parishes. Sorry. But I have heard enough complaints and have experienced enough “experiences” to know that this is true. Hard to believe that a so-called Lutheran pastor could preach much less put up with a sermon or a service not totally dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But it is true. I have heard it.

Please. the proper distinction of Law and Gospel is so fundamental as to disqualifiy anyone that does not know or understand it.

enough said.

Al Lunneberg