Small but Important

or so I was told when I went in to the hospital last Friday morning and ended up having the balloon angioplasty and a stint in an artery in the heart. The nurse said, remember, this was a small, “minor” heart attack. Yeah, okay. She was trying to help me not be overly upset.

So they let me come home today (Monday). Many dietary changes and, of course, exercise, but I had already started down that road again in the past few weeks. It will be a slow week, this one, however.

So I wanted to apologize to those who regularly check in to my weekly sermons. Thanks for your encouraging words. I don’t think there will be a Lent Midweek 2 service or sermon this Wednesday, but I am planning on next Sunday!

And thanks to all for all the prayers and support! Peace to you all.

Al Lunneberg