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Nailed It!


Text: John 8:31-36
Date: Reformation Day (Observed) + 10/25/15

When a person accurately identifies something, explains or describes something so perfectly we may say, “He nailed it!” On this festival day we remember that blessed and gifted “angel” or messenger of the eternal gospel (Rev 14:6), Martin Luther (1483-1546); the one our American Martin Luther King, Jr. was named after. The first Luther was baptized on St. Martin of Tours Day, November 11 giving him his first name, Martin. But though we remember the priest and monk, the man and reformer of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church in the early 16th century in Germany, we do not dwell on the person of Martin Luther but on the message he uncovered in a Church whose voice had been muffled and ears stopped by so many manmade rules, practices, fantasies and heresies. Continue reading Nailed It!